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A White Deer And Other Stories

The Only Collection of Patrick Smith's Short Stories

A White Deer And Other Stories – Paperback, 104 pages $10.95 
Also available on Kindle and NOOK.

This is a collection of six short stories and a poem.

The short stories were written throughout Smith’s writing career, going back as far as the 1960’s. Reading them, you can see him developing the literary style for which he later became famous.

They are a delightful trip back into the deep South. The poem was written when he was 16 years old.(Son Rick Smith speaking here) These stories of my father’s go back a long way. I read some of them when I was a child. He was much younger than I am now when he wrote them. I remember the cat he wrote about in The Demise of Bester Boo Boo. We lived in Oxford, Mississippi then. That story was real. We really had that cat.

I was thrilled to learn that Dad had kept all of these stories safely tucked away in file folders. I was honored when he said I could publish them. When I read them as a young boy, in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined that one day I would publish them. Re-reading these stories, I can see that even back when Dad was writing them, he was laying the foundation for his later literary work. The style is quintessential Patrick Smith. I’m sure he wrote them for the pure joy of writing; a writer has to write to hone his skills. He couldn’t have known that one day he would author a beloved novel like A Land Remembered, write a book called Forever Island that would be printed in 46 countries, or have a novel like Angel City made into a movie.

Back then he was working a day job in public relations, raising a family, and writing when he had the time and inspiration to do so. The honors and awards would come later.It is my privilege to bring these stories out of the file folders where they have been patiently waiting and make them available for you to enjoy.

You will love these stories:

 A White Deer (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

• Journey Into Karma (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

• Miss Jenny And the Minnows (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

• The Demise Of Bester Boo Boo (This story – renamed The Life and Times of Bester Boo Boo – is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

• A Pair Of Blue Shoes (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

• Fried Mullet And Grits (This story is also available on Kindle and NOOK for $2.99)

A White Deer And Other Stories is softbound, 104 pages, with chapter illustrations.

A White Deer And Other Stories – Paperback, 104 pages $10.95   Also available on Kindle and NOOK.

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 Posted on : May 16, 2014