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I love all Patrick Smith’s books but I could not put this one down. Beautifully put together story of South Florida Everglades and people living there. ~Terry Hicks

AllapattahAllapattah is the story of Toby Tiger, a young Seminole Indian who lives in despair in the white man’s world. “Allapattah” means crocodile, a creature that becomes Toby’s obsession and that he must wrestle to set himself free.

To Toby, his environment and his way of life are one and the same. When the white man encroaches on his territory – in the form of heartless hunters, haughty tourists, a by-the-book game warden, and a harried judge – Toby must do the only thing he can to reconnect with the land that gives him sustenance, with his beloved grandfather, and with Allapattah.

Like Forever Island, Allapattah will take you deep into the everglades and make life there so realistic that you well feel you have personally visited, whether you have or not.

Once again, Patrick D. Smith shows his skill at taking the reader into the story so that they live alongside their characters.

Allapattah is an excellent companion book to Forever Island and should be in your collection of Patrick Smith books.

pointingfinger-th   $10.95, softbound, 200 pages

 Posted on : January 4, 2016