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In Search of The Russian Bear

An American Writer's Odyssey To The Former Soviet Union

In Search of The Russian Bear,Softbound, 242 pages -$12.95!

Also available on  Kindle amazoncart and on NOOK.

This is not a novel; it is a true chronicle of a trip Patrick and Iris Smith took through the Soviet Union, back In Search of The Russian Bear Coverwhen it was the Soviet Union.

(Patrick Smith’s son, Rick, writing this). When I first read this I was amused and quite honestly, shocked at some of the things Dad writes about. What I found most amusing was some of the traditional meals and toasts that they experienced. For example, when the host invites Dad to cut off pieces of a cooked goat’s head (ceremonial lunch) and give them to individuals around the table with an appropriate toast, he thought Mom would pass out. She performed like a trooper! It’s a fun and insightful look into the Soviet Union and their hosted experience there shortly before there was no more Soviet Union.

Here’s the synopsis:

In 1983, Florida author Patrick Smith and his wife Iris traveled throughout the Soviet Union and Uzbekistan through an invitation from the Soviet Writers Union. Smith relates these experiences through fascinating stories and images in the fun, factual chronicle.

There is high humor in this book, as well as heartfelt moments. It paints vivid pictures of places few Americans have seen or will see. The descriptions are so real that readers will feel that they have been there. There is also much in this book for food lovers to enjoy. The descriptions of food, both Russian and Uzbek, are exceptional.

In Search of The Russian Bear is unlike any other book set in Eastern Europe and Middle Asia. It is unique and will take readers on a fascinating journey.

When I recently bought the rights to this book from the previous publisher there was essentially no inventory, so I designed a new cover and reprinted it. I know you will enjoy reading In Search of The Russian Bear and will proudly place it alongside the other books by Patrick Smith.

In Search of The Russian Bear, Softbound, 242 pages -$12.95!

Also available on Kindleamazoncartand on NOOK.

Here’s a short video to introduce Patrick Smith’s purpose in writing In Search of The Russian Bear. This clip is used in his son Rick’s touring multimedia show, “Patrick Smith’s Florida is A Land Remembered.”

 Posted on : October 10, 2014

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