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Thank you for requesting discussion questions for A Land Remembered.

We would like to know what you think of these questions and how you are using them. We are also are open to your ideas for new questions so please send me an email and we’ll keep making this resource better.

Your discussion questions are below. [You can also download a PDF of these questions here.]

1. What is the main theme in this book?

2. Which characters did you find most likable and sympathetic?

3. How do you feel about the way the book starts – in present day Miami? What does this literary technique do to enhance the theme of the book or was it unnecessary?

4. What motivated Zech to buy up more and more land? Do you think that was wise or should he have left well enough alone?

5. Why did Tobias fight so hard against Zech’s business ideas? Were all his life’s struggles worth it at the end of his life?

6. What did you think about the relationship between the MacIveys and Skillit? How much do you think the dynamics of relationships between black people and white people have changed?

7. Tobias is a man with no prejudices in a time when it is most advantageous to have them. Why do you think Tobias acts so kindly toward people of other races and nationalities? What lessons can people today learn from Tobias?

8. What did you think about the relationship between Zech and Tawanda? Did he make the best choice in mates and how do you feel about his actions towards Tawanda?

9. What influenced Solomon to live the life he did and become a big player in Miami real estate? How do you think his grandfather would feel about it? His father?

10. Why does the scene at the water hole affect Zech so much? How does it change his behavior?

11. Why does Solomon have a change of heart at the end?

12. Were the MacIvey’s cursed as they got farther away from the land and their simpler roots? If so, why do you think that was?

13. Why is it appropriate that Sol’s final effort is to pop a whip? Why are Sol’s last words “Where did it all go, Pappa?…Where did it all go?…”

14. Refer to 1st page of chapter 28, 4th paragraph – Did Sol live up to the meaning of his name?

15. Many people comment that everyone dies in this book. Why do you think that it seems that way?

16. How has your idea of Florida changed since reading this book? What surprised you most about the state’s history?

17. The topic of environmentalism, especially in some endangered areas of Florida, is a critical one today. Discuss how people like the MacIveys both hurt and helped the Florida environment.

18. How has Toby demonstrated the MacIvey family characteristic of responsibility and caring for others?

19. Compare and contrast the MacIveys extremely limited communications with the outside world with the instant communication of today’s world.

20. What do you think Tobias, Zech and Solomon MacIvey would think of Florida today? What would surprise them the most? What would they find the same?

21. What part of the book affected you the most?

22. What did you learn about Florida’s history that you did not know before?

23. Imagine that you are the MacIveys and have no house, kitchen, bathroom or bed. What are the positives of that lifestyle and the negatives as compared to today?

24. If you have done so, describe your reaction to using a real outhouse. (Port-a-potties don’t count.)

25. Do you agree with Sol’s comment that he is “the least” of the MacIveys?

Thanks again and happy reading!

 Posted on : September 21, 2015