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The COMPLETE Collection of Patrick Smith’s Books & DVD

Your ONLY Source For All of Patrick Smith

Now you can get the COMPLETE collection of all 10 books Patrick Smith wrote. Plus … you get the award-winning DVD “Patrick Smith’s Florida, A Sense of Place.” Yours for only $145. You SAVE $34. Includes bonus custom book bag and bonus DVD.

Never before have you been able to get all of Patrick Smith’s books in one place. Some titles were nearly impossible to find due to very limited distribution. Now you can finally get them all together in a nifty custom printed book bag for just $145. That’s a savings of $34 off the individual prices.


Here’s what you get:                                               

* The River is Home (softbound) – Retail price $10.95

* A White Deer and Other Stories (softbound) – Retail price $10.95

* The Beginning (softbound) – Retail price $16.95

* The Seas That Mourn (softbound) – Retail price $14.95

* Forever Island (hardbound) – Retail price $14.95

* Allapattah (softbound) – Retail price $10.95

* Angel City (softbound) – Retail price $10.95

* A Land Remembered (hardbound) – Retail price $21.95

* In Search of The Russian Bear (softbound) – Retail price $12.95

* The Last Ride (hardbound) – Retail price $18

* Patrick Smith’s Florida, A Sense of Place (DVD) – Retail price $19.95

*BONUS DVD – You also get “Patrick Smith Answers Common Questions About A Land Remembered” DVD – Retail price $12.95


Order now and get all 10 books and the DVD in an attractive, custom printed book bag for just $145 (SAVE $34).  


 Posted on : December 7, 2014

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