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ALR3DA Land Remembered
is a book you will remember for the rest of your life. We have heard from hundreds of people,of all ages and backgrounds, who speak glowingly of how much this book has meant to them. We hear over and over again that it is the BEST BOOK they have ever read. On a weekly basis we have people begging for it to be made into a movie.

I just read A Land Remembered for the fourth or fifth time.   As a native Floridian I love the stories of our land and this is the best.  I have a a hard time imagining what our forefathers gave to settle Florida.  I thank your dad for bringing it to life and wish it was required reading for all folks moving to our state. – Roger Bouchard, FL

This is a book that will forever change the way you think about Florida, and about our pioneering ancestors who braved alligators, mosquito swarms, snakes, drought, freezes, hurricanes, bandits and disasters of all kinds to settle the last wilderness in the United States. We don’t expect you to take our word for it. We’re going to let you read the entire first two chapters FREE so you can decide for yourself. If you don’t agree then you have lost nothing. However, most people say they are hooked after the first page, and we’re betting you will be too.

I am reaching out as a loyal and exuberant fan of A Land Remembered. After moving to North Palm Beach from Savannah, GA three years ago I was missing nature and the soul that exists in historical and serene environments. Not long after arriving, I read A Land Remembered and it sparked a passion for the Florida Everglades and the deep history of this great state. I find myself thinking about the book often. The stories, history and life lessons learned from reading it have enriched my life. – Mary Lattimore, North Palm Beach, FL

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Our book club just read A Land Remembered. We were all blown away by it! What a wonderful, important novel.  Thanks. – Cindy Bishop, Merritt Island, FL


 Posted on : May 7, 2014