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We call these the “Lost Books” because most people have never heard of them due to poor distribution. We have now acquired rights to them and are thrilled to make these books available. We’ll have them for sale on our upcoming multimedia tour and soon they will be available here, online.

The Seas That Mourn

New-Seas3inchIn 1942 alone, German U-Boats sank almost four million gross registered tons of Allied ships convoying goods and war supplies to the war ravaged European continent, Britain and North Africa. That same year, 17-year old Jimmy Kendall leaves his small Mississippi town to join the Merchant Marine.

He soon discovers that supplying the troops in unprotected waters exposes him to some of the fiercest battles in WWII. The Seas That Mourn is a riveting story of unsung heroes who navigated dangerous waters and perilous conditions to provide American and Allied troops with critical supplies of ammunition, fuel and goods. These sailors, often overlooked for their service, were key in turning the tide of the war.

“In The Seas That Mourn, Pat Smith does for the Merchant Marine what his previous novels have done for Florida Crackers. Flourishing his decency and humanity, as always, he has come through with another fine book for Smith collectors.” ~Al Burt, Former Miami Herald Columnist & Award Winning Author

“Once again, Patrick Smith is back. This time, though, he has taken to the high seas in a novel based on his experiences with the merchant marine during WWII. This heartfelt work shows that Patrick Smith is a novelist who is never off his game.” ~ Anonymous

$14.95 (softbound) – Add to Cart

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LastRideSmallThe Last Ride

On November 11, 1995, at the age of 25, former bull riding champion Glen “Pee Wee” Mercer suffered an accident while dismounting a bull at the Southeastern Circuit Final at Brighton, Florida, which resulted in a broken neck and severed spinal cord, thus changing his life forever. The Last Ride is the dramatic story of his life both before and after the accident.

Although this book covers Pee Wee’s rodeo career throughout Florida and many other parts of the United States, it is not just a book about rodeo. It is also the story of young love gone awry, of adventure, high humor, youthful exuberance during those years when people think they are indestructible, of hopes and dreams of the future and how those hopes and dreams are shattered forever in just one split second of time.

This is also a heartfelt story of courage, of the determination to endure in a world few others can even imagine. Sometimes it is a very lonely world indeed, one peopled only with memories.

The Last Ride will grip the interest and emotions of all readers, young and old alike. It is much like taking a literary rafting trip down a turbulent mountain stream. You will become part of the action and will be there every step of the way.

$18 (hardbound) – Add to Cart

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Bear3inchIn Search of the Russian Bear: An American Writer’s Odyssey in the Former Soviet Union

In 1983, Florida author Patrick Smith and his wife Iris traveled throughout the Soviet Union and Uzbekistan through an invitation from the Soviet Writers Union. Smith relates these experiences through fascinating stories and images in the fun, factual chronicle.

There is high humor in this book, as well as heartfelt moments. It paints vivid pictures of places few Americans have seen or will see. The descriptions are so real that readers will feel that they have been there. There is also much in this book for food lovers to enjoy. The descriptions of food, both Russian and Uzbek, are exceptional.

In Search of The Russian Bear is unlike any other book set in Eastern Europe and Middle Asia. It is unique and will take readers on a fascinating journey.

Softbound, 242 pages $12.95 Add to Cart

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