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Sample Study Guide
A Land Remembered
by Patrick Smith


Chapter 4
Tobias and Zech are headed in the woods to a place Tobias thinks there are deer to
hunt. Zech becomes very inquisitive about some birds, Carolina parakeets, he sees
along the way. Tobias tells Zech about why these birds are no longer found
(endangered) in the swamps of Georgia. Folks used to kill them for meat. They were an
“easy kill” because ___________________________________________
Instead of seeing and killing a deer to bring home for food, they see a
_______________ bull coming into the clearing! This is much better because
____________________________________. They got the bull back to the
homestead without the buzzards getting the bull’s meat. How?_______________
__________________________________________________________. They
used every ounce of the bull. Explain some ways they used parts of its carcass, like its
tail, hooves, and leg and rib bones ______________________________
__________________________________________________________. Emma
wants her son, Zech, to be a strong boy so she is planning to fix him a special
breakfast. Describe the breakfast. __________________________________


Chapter 5
A stranger named Henry Addler approaches Tobias while he is chopping wood. He ends
up being a marshal commissioned by the governor. He tells Tobias he has plans for him.
Those plans are to be part of the Cow Cavalry. Explain what this is all
Tobias is gone for about ___ weeks or ___ days. He is even paid for this job. $__ per
day = $___ total While Tobias was away from the homestead, Emma and Zech have
some trouble one night with some bears. It appears that the bears were trying to get
to the oxen, Buck and Tuck. So they have to have a plan of attack. Explain just what
they did to survive that night.
How many days did it take Tobias to walk back from the Georgia border? ______. He
brings back with him a whip that he used to drive the cattle to Georgia. This whip, if
used correctly, could take off a rattler’s head from _____ feet away. It is a weapon
that even Zech learned to master. Tobias’s wife, Emma, makes him a homecoming meal
of ________________________________________(Continued)


Chapter 6
In the beginning of this chapter, Tobias and Zech hunt rabbits and squirrels to kill for
food using the weapon ______________. Captain Graham came to get Tobias to help
in the war in the way of cutting logs to make forts. Tobias is not happy with this and
can’t refuse because it is under marshal law. He could be __________ right there on
the spot if he refuses to go and help. The forts will be used by
__________________ soldiers in fighting off the Federals who are out to split
Florida’s land into 2 states and stop the supply lines of food and ammunition going to
the Confederate soldiers. While Tobias was gone building forts, Emma and Zech were
invaded, but not harmed, by 15 Confederate deserters. They not only killed one of the
oxen, but ate it right there in front of Zech and Emma! They stole the other ox and
then burned down their homestead! What horrible men they were. Tobias then decides
that he will move his family to a place ______________.

 Posted on : May 23, 2014