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The Last Ride

Pee Wee Mercer is truly a "Profile in Courage"


Last RideThe Last Ride – $18, Hardbound, 183 pages 

On November 11, 1995, at the age of 25, former bull riding champion Glen “Pee Wee” Mercer suffered an accident while dismounting a bull at the Southeastern Circuit Final at Brighton, Florida which resulted in a broken neck and severed spinal cord, thus changing his life forever. The Last Ride is the dramatic story of his life both before and after the accident.

Although this book covers Pee Wee’s rodeo career throughout Florida and many other parts of the United States, it is not just a book about rodeo. It is also the story of young love gone awry, of adventure, high humor, youthful exuberance during those years when young people think they are indestructible, of hopes and dreams of the future and how those hopes and dreams are shattered forever in just one split second of time.

This is also a heartfelt story of courage, of the determination to endure in a world few others can even imagine. Sometimes it is a very lonely world indeed, one peopled only with memories.

The Last Ride will grip the interest and emotions of all readers, young and old alike. It is much like taking a literary rafting trip down a turbulent mountain stream. You will become part of the action and will be there each step of the way.

As co-author Patrick Smith says at the end of this book, Pee Wee Mercer is truly a “Profile in Courage.”

The Last Ride – $18, Hardbound, 183 pages

Watch this short video from the book. (This is from his son Rick’s touring multimedia show, “Patrick Smith’s Florida is A Land Remembered.”














 Posted on : October 10, 2014

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