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The Seas That Mourn

"A Land Remembered of The High Seas"

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(Patrick Smith, Jr. (Rick) is writing this). This book by Patrick Smith holds a special place in my heart. He wrote it when I was very young, I think I was under five years old because I remember his disappointment that he didn’t get it published. I know it was also dear to his heart because he was it is based on his personal experiences. Odd thing is, this book languished in a file drawer for almost 50 years before it was published.

A little back story: Dad was a Merchant Marine. He joined at the end of 1945, right after the end of World War II. My mother says he wrote The Seas That Mourn for a fellow Merchant Marine. Even after the success of his first novel, The River Is Home, he failed to get a publisher for The Seas That Mourn, so he shelved it. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that a publisher picked it up. They really didn’t know how to market books so it never saw the light of day. I now own it and am proud to finally bring it to the public eye and give it the attention it deserves.

The Seas That Mourn has been called “A Land Remembered of The High Seas.” It is an action packed book that has humor, war, love, romance, loss and much more to make it an exciting read. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you follow the main character through convoys that really happened.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the book: In 1942 alone, German U-Boats sank almost four million gross registered tons of Allied ships convoying goods and war supplies to the war ravaged European continent, Britain and North Africa. That same year, 17-year old Jimmy Kendall leaves his small Mississippi town to join the Merchant Marine.

He soon discovers that supplying the troops in unprotected waters exposes him to some of the fiercest battles in WWII. The Seas That Mourn is a riveting story of unsung heroes who navigated dangerous waters and perilous conditions to provide American and Allied troops with critical supplies of ammunition, fuel and goods. These sailors, often overlooked for their service, were key in turning the tide of the war.

Dad writes battle scenes at sea that are so realistic you will swear that he was there. He seems to know every inch of a ship and how they would operate in the sometimes horrific situations the Merchant Marine faced during World War II. It is probably the best novel written about the Merchant Marine in World War II and it certainly deserves to be more widely read.

Here are just a couple of unsolicited testimonials about the book:

“In The Seas That Mourn, Pat Smith does for the Merchant Marine what his previous novels have done for Florida Crackers. Flourishing his decency and humanity, as always, he has come through with another fine book for Smith collectors.” ~Al Burt, Former Miami Herald Columnist & Award Winning Author

“Once again, Patrick Smith is back. This time, though, he has taken to the high seas in a novel based on his experiences with the merchant marine during WWII. This heartfelt work shows that Patrick Smith is a novelist who is never off his game.” ~ Anonymous

We’re ready to ship this book now so get your order in and be among the first to read this hidden gem of a novel by one of Florida’s most beloved authors.

$14.95 (softbound) –

Available on Kindle amazoncart and NOOK. 

This video clip is used in his son Rick’s touring multimedia show, “Patrick Smith’s Florida is A Land Remembered.”




 Posted on : October 9, 2014

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